Elephant Sculpture Art Co., Ltd. (ZS head office, GZ XingLi branch office,GZ HuaChuang branch office)

   “ESAC” short for Elephant Sculpture Art Co., Ltd. It's a well know brand of China theme amusement industry design and construction, Vice-Chairman of Zhongshan Game & Amusement association. We are specialized in indoor & outdoor theme amusement park for 15 years,have a professional design team with a hundred people, construction team with four hundreds people, we have more than 4000 constructed projects all over the world.

     Until now, we serviced for over 2000 professional customers, include world amusement giant Disney, Chimelong... also supply project solution for demotic famous brand and chain brand OCT,Song Dynasty, Unisland, Party Map,Wonder land, Jiawen land, Everland... every year we could finish almost 300 projects, service market include America, Singapore, Russia, Malaysia, Dubai, Jordan, Tailand, Turkey, Japan, Korea...

    During the process of development of the world theme amusement business, ESAC always play the role as a creative designer and construction service provider. According to customer demand, we supply professional proposal, whole planning, creative design, detailed design, construction. Make customer's IP integrated into theme park each segments, master, story line, scene, tool...Take sufficient consideration of combination between on line and off line for each details; We try to themed for each amusement space, shape different theme through environmental design, emphasis interactive and experience, achieve the objective of attracting "family" continual repeat consumption.

Give child a fairy tale beautiful world
Give adults a wonderful trip to forget reality;
Give investors a guide of the experience economy of new profit model...
This is what ESAC will do for you, and can do for you!

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